Mendix Application Review

Do you have a Mendix application and do you want to know what its quality is? Have it tested by us, we objectively map the status of your application and improve your application in three steps. We let you know where there are any painful areas but also inform you about possible opportunities. This allows you to make a solid decision about the future stability of the application and its assurance of it. Take advantage of our special promotion now; we offer you the Application Review worth € 7,635 now for only € 3,500*!

We improve your application in three steps

First we make an in-depth analysis based on the ORQA model, 70+ Mendix Best Practices and a security check on the authorization model. The results are shared in one clear report. In the second step, we will jointly determine which areas for improvement we pick up & carry out in two days and in the last step, we go through the extensive analysis again and show the improvement(s) made in your application.

Application Review Mendix

The three steps to improving the quality of your Mendix application

Step 1; Quality & Safety Research

  • Fit & Secure Test conducted by a Mendix Application Assurance Expert.
  • An initial detailed technical analysis of maintainability based on the ORQA model and 70+ Mendix Best Practices to improve the maintainability, consistency, performance, conventions, scalability and security of your application.
  • Security check on authorization model, we identify potential data breaches.
  • Results and recommendations are shared in a report.

Step 2; Quality Improvement

  • Consultation in which the results are discussed & analysed and the recommendations to be implemented are defined.
  • Implementation of recommendations for Application Research.

Step 3; Final Validation

  • A second technical analysis on the application based on implemented improvements.
  • Reporting based on implemented improvements and advice towards the future.
  • Retrospective after performed work.

Case study

Appronto has already had many cases where we were asked for customers to audit an existing environment and subsequently came to the conclusion that there were a number of structural errors, including at Autohopper. Watch the video:

Discover which parts of your Mendix application and the organization need to be worked on for improvements in security, manageability, maintainability, performance, team, processes and many other things!

* Requirements

  • Valid while supplies last
  • Maximum 1 application per customer
  • Billing at the start
  • 30 days payment term